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NDIS funding

The NDIS funds Roark Design shower wheelchairs for their participants.

Overview of the NDIS procurement process

If you are an NDIS participant, in order for NDIS to fund a chair you will need to buy from an NDIS accredited supplier. All of our distributors are NDIS accredited.

To start the wheelchair procurement process you need to contact your closest distributor from our list of distributors. If there is not a distributor available in your state then please contact us and we will arrange with you directly.

NDIS mandates that you trial the chair prior to purchase. The distributor will organise for you to trial a demo chair with your occupational therapist or prescribing therapist. Your therapist will script suitable measurements that allow us to customise the chair to your individual requirements.

The distributor will then send a request for quote and provide to your therapist, who will submit to the NDIS. You will then wait for the funding to be approved, after which the chair can be built and delivered.

If you have any questions regarding the NDIS procurement process please contact us and we can provide guidance.

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Our chairs are available Australia wide.

We work closely with our distributors across Australia to ensure our chairs are set up to match the user’s requirements.

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