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Roark Design custom shower wheelchairs

Our bespoke shower wheelchairs are designed to maximise empowerment for the user.

Roark Design mobile shower wheelchair shown side on
Person sitting on Roark Design mobile shower wheelchair, next to the bag for the chair

The lightest mobile shower wheelchair on the market.

At 10kg our chair is designed to be ultra lightweight to empower our users. When bagged, the chair & bag weighs a combined total of 12kg, enabling a wheelchair user to lift it.


Specifically designed to resist tipping forwards to reduce falls.


Travel can be spontaneous with only seconds to fold/unfold the chair.


Each chair is made to the user's dimensions to ensure one chair works for home and travel.

Features of the shower wheelchair

  • The chair weighs 10kg, and 12kg when bagged.

  • Designed for users with compromised hand function.

  • All our chairs are made in South Australia with the utmost care.

    We customise every chair to fit the user. Each of the following is set to the users size;​​

    • ​Seat height

    • Cushion sizing and geometry including which side is open

    • Seat dump

    • Footrest height and angle

    • Backrest height and angle

    • Seat length

    • Wheel size

    • Wheeled or non-wheeled bag

  • Designed to be as resistant to tipping as one’s day wheelchair.

  • Folds/unfolds in seconds.

  • Customised to ensure that the one chair is suitable when at home and when travelling.

  • All our chairs fold into a discrete black bag.

  • 20 or 22” available. The design can accommodate wheels up to 26”.

  • Tested to AS/NZ3974 by Novita Tech, meaning the chair has exceeded vigorous testing requirements in regards to the stability, durability, structural integrity, test loads for armrests and footrests, labelling, dimensioning requirements and more.

  • We love solving difficult problems and work with your OT and distributor to provide a shower wheelchair that works for you. Customisation can include but is not limited to;

    • Single sided footplates

    • Flip up footplates

    • Remote activated brakes

    • Any unusual cushion geometry, double bites etc…

  • Patents pending.

An overview of the Roark Design mobile shower wheelchair

Unfolding and folding the Roark Design mobile shower wheelchair

Roark Design shower wheelchair side on view

Order a chair

We work closely with our NDIS accredited distributors across Australia.

Roark Design shower wheelchair side on view

NDIS funding

The NDIS funds Roark Design shower wheelchairs for their participants.

Our chairs are available Australia wide.

We work with wheelchair users and their therapists to ensure that our chairs are set up to match the user’s requirements.

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